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"I'm William Kalfelz - aka Wusik - and I started this project several years ago (2001 to be more exact). Wusik Station (now in version 10 - Wusik Station X) is a fantastic synth and my leading product. Wusik 8008, my second major release, is a sample playback modular synth featuring an easy-to-use interface. My other products include a great VST/AU sequencer/host called Wusik SQ200 and a chainer called Wusik P2000. I also work (as a hobby) with Arduino DIY based projects at And some games at Finally, if you want to know more about me, you can watch this video where I talk about myself and discuss Bipolar Disorder."

"When I created Wusik (20 years ago), I wanted a new community that would work with me on new products. Just like I had with my previous projects. So far it has worked great. But sadly, in the last few years, things started to fade, as the competition got stronger, and I got weaker. Not to mention all the stupid mistakes I made before I was diagnosed as Bipolar (with multiple personality disorder) and really started to be a better person. More stable. Stronger. My main focus, since the start, nearly 30 years ago, with all the projects that I created. Was to MAKE MUSIC. But some people think it annoying that I promote my music on Wusik Channels. Well, let's make one thing clear, this was the idea from the start. People would listen to my music and I would listen and promote their music too. But, this also got weaker over the past few years. Some people also complain that my GUIs look ugly, but I haven't found anyone to work with me on those again. And I can't hire a professional right now. You know, the pandemic got things a bit weird for everybody. Anyway, I just wanted to explain why I promote my music so much. My plan is to create a place where we can all be heard, but I can't right now. If you have some free time, please, check out my latest songs here. Cheers, WilliamK"

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